Exploring the lower frontier of the troposphere

Flight Suit & Mission Patch

Grandma Jan (Jon's mom) figured you can't get to the moon without suitable protective gear. She designed this fantastic flight suit for eliot, replete with lots of NASA, flag, and mission patches, plenty of pockets, and complicated straps and clasps.
Every captain needs a good first officer, so she made one for Jon, too!
Our friend Noa designed this mission patch just for the R-ULAV:
Well, that logo's so classy, it needs to go on a patch! I could have had it done for maybe $80 at some web vendor. But why do that when we can spend $200 on craigslist for an old embroidery machine, and learn to do it ourselves?
The embroidery software I used to do the patch was pretty awful. In the spirit of do-do-it-yourself-yourself, I wrote my own embroidery software for inkscape.